Procurizing – expropriation of land without compensation and other land issues

Violative people, posing as virtuous, ignore others’ rights by claiming authority, putting them down, and take advantage to mark, mobilize, and take over their land.  This fits with land claims and conquests, and with known experience in a number of countries.  It also points to procurizing any object of desire through alternating stratagems.

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Transducing Terror – How the Gospel of Mark pacified Jewish Zealot Messianism

Tens of thousands of Jewish rebel captives after 73 CE could become followers of Jesus the ‘real Messiah’ when they considered how wrong they had been in their understanding of the true nature of the Jewish Messiah; psychologically they would have been suffering deeply from a type of Stockholm Syndrome, and their conversion to the new way would be a result of the transduction of their terror. Mark attempts to transduce their terror by demonizing their leaders, eschatology, and beliefs, and nobilizing the leadership, eschatology, and beliefs of Jesus and his followers.

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Safetifying from Violence – Make yourself safe in a dangerous world

Danger precipitates the socio-psychological process of safetifying before interpersonal violence which involves awarenessing, setting up, and evaluating. If the person is attacked, it precipitates the psycho-physical process of safetifying during interpersonal violence including resiliencing, finishing, and victoring. The aftermath of an attack or the avoidance of an attack precipitates the psycho-social process of safetifying after interpersonal violence including reclaiming, relinquishing, and achieving.

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