Safetifying from Violence – Make yourself safe in a dangerous world

Danger precipitates the socio-psychological process of safetifying before interpersonal violence which involves awarenessing, setting up, and evaluating. If the person is attacked, it precipitates the psycho-physical process of safetifying during interpersonal violence including resiliencing, finishing, and victoring. The aftermath of an attack or the avoidance of an attack precipitates the psycho-social process of safetifying after interpersonal violence including reclaiming, relinquishing, and achieving.

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Using Stratad Theory in Research

Stratad Theory is a methodology that produces accurate theory from various strata of data into numerous integrated theoretical strata.  It can be used in many research fields, including education.  This particular application of Stratad Theory copied, extracted, ordered, incidenced, removed, similarised, concatenated, verified, identified, marked, conceptualised, named and renamed, listed, stratafied, structuralised, articulated, sequenced and sequentialised, rotationalised, rearranged, bifurcated, broadened, operationalised, functionalised, and diagrammed, narratived, sourced, noted, repeated, and wrote different data bits and procedural aspects in order to produce a coherent, succinct, and workable theory.  This paper uses over 35 figures to explain how it was done.

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Psychology’s Role in the World in 2022

Differencing has Psychology, transcending in its salienting of roles and narrowing of disparities, secure food (nutrition) and reduce violence, create a context for communicating to face the world, discern needs, invite people, engage deliberatively, dialogue progressively, counsel people, and educate for work. Differencing then drives researching through knowing yesterday, futuring, and environmentalising to harness technology and enhance science, while it uses ethicalling to grapple with uncertainties, ensure rights, help nations, and lobby government and groups for, among other things, a home for each family—the socio-psychological hub for all.

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