1. The Key to Government Corruption: A South African perspective with global applicability
    A Last – 2000 –
    A fundamental flaw in the modern budget-driven public sector is the inherent opportunity for public servants, from grass-roots level upwards, to pad their budgets to their personal advantage, when structuring and rendering preliminary future expenditure figures.
  2. The interaction of sleep and behaviour in 34 adults
    A Last – 2018 –
    Correlation is the mother of theoretical speculation. After performing more than 65,000 calculations and reviewing almost 22,000 correlations (639 correlations for 34 incrementally added datasets) for this study between the different factors which influence or are influenced by sleep, one quickly realises the plethora of possibilities in terms of multiple effects.
  3. Procurizing Land through Alternating Territorial Stratagems: A Classic Grounded Theory of the Torah/Pentateuch
    A Last – 2019 –
    This study is a classic grounded theory of the first five books of the Bible. The main concern of the narrators and writers of those books was identified as “wanting a land”, and their means of resolving this concern emerged as procurizing land through alternating territorial stratagems.
  4. Knowing yourself—a grounded theory of grounded theory
    A Last – 2019 –
    The purpose of this study was to create a grounded theory of grounded as a means to comprehensively mastering all the salient concepts involved in grounded theory. A total of 33 grounded theory articles were used for coding and theoretical sampling, with a final count of over 330 open codes.
  5. Transducing Terror—Pacifying Jewish Religious Terrorism: A Classic Grounded Theory of the Gospel of Mark
    A Last – 2020 –
    The main concern of the writer of Mark is Jewish religious terrorism (zealotry) with which Judaism was replete in the first century CE. Mark’s way of resolving the main concern is by transducing terror, a specific way of pacifying Jewish religious terrorism, discovered through the application of the classic grounded theory methodology to the Gospel of Mark.
  6. Safetifying from interpersonal violence through Phasic Protective Sequencing: a classic grounded metatheory
    A Last – 2020 –
    This study generates a metatheory of interpersonal violence from an initial qualitatively highest scoring academic literature item and theoretically sampling over 200 additional literature items using classic grounded theory (Glaser & Strauss, 1967) methodological analysis and synthesis. Danger is the main concern of people experiencing interpersonal…
  7. Differencing—Making a Difference: A Stratad Theory of Psychology Addressing Global Socio-Psychological Challenges Now and Beyond
    A Last – 2021 –
    The purpose of the study was to develop a theory from the 138 words of Dr. Janice K. Moodley on the webpage of the 7th Southern African Students’ Psychology Conference, deeming that statement to be crucial initial data on the subject of how Psychology addresses pressing issues now and beyond.
  8. Development of the Stratad Theory of Differencing
    A Last – 2021 –
    Differencing is a Stratad Theory arising from an initial data paragraph of 138 words and subsequently expanded by similarity sourcing over 45 additional texts.  Stratad Theory is a methodology that produces accurate theory from various strata of data into numerous integrated theoretical strata.  It can be used in many research fields, including education.
  9. Humanising: A Psycho-sociolinguistic Grounded Theory from Pakistani English Newspapers inspired by Gaza
    A Last – 2024 –
    This study uses 50 articles from 12 Pakistani English Newspapers as data. Classic grounded theory is employed to conceptualise what some of these newspapers have been conveying about the recent and current Gaza situation. The main concern of these papers for the Gaza situation is ‘violence’ (violencing), and the emergent resolution is ‘humanising’.